Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2012

The new Luxury

The new luxury. Silence. Rest. Time. Take up. Reflexion.

Image: General Reading Society of Basel

Report: Yesterday we might visit the reading society of Basel. With a guidance it became to us interesting the origin of the reading societies of those in the 18th century about 60 in Switzerland gave told. Also about the Neogothic architectural style of the house on the cathedral place was reported to us. With the classical concert in the piano with Simone Guthauser, violoncello - Cécile Lino and flute - Caterina Nüesch we could let arise our pictures to the wonderfully played music. This stay in the old book library and the architecturally imposing rooms with look at the Rhine and the Palatinate invited to stay. One can see about 80'000 also new books and audio books as well as encyclopaedias and a comprehensive choice in newspapers and magazines in with armchair, tables, sofas and chairs comfortably to furnished rooms almost any time. A membership is with CHF 120. - Franconia in the year well affordably. On the homepage one finds other interesting information.

Spring text: General reading society of Basel - The reading society minded inhabitant of Basel was founded in 1787 by a circle advancedly. They put to themselves as an aim “that one with few costs to themselves the examination and reading of the interesting journals, newspapers and other news can get and have the most adequate aid, as dictionaries, manuals, maps and the like, with the hand to find the necessary explanations with light trouble straight away in it“.

Since 1832 there is the seat of the reading society in the cathedral place 8. At that time the former cathedral mansion was renovated for the needs of the reading society in the neogothic style extensively. today the free reference library with 75'000 volumes and the public libraries in the foreground. The generous historical public libraries invite with unique look at the Rhine, the Palatinate and cathedral as well as lying 128 magazines and 40 newspapers to contemplative reading. They are opened for more than 1100 members of the reading society on 365 days per year. In the evening from approx. 10 to 15 events take place yearly in these halls.

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