Montag, 22. Oktober 2012

Once there was and there still is

How nice it is to listen to a thrilling tale and to be touching the heart.

We just came back from Käffeli L25 in Lupsingen (BL). Two hours, including a break in it small, fine, gave to nibble homemade and drink we have the russian Saxon Jewish, Persian, Norwegian and Grimm Fairy Tales under the motto "Together we are strong" listened eagerly. The Käffeli L25, with its wooden interiors and it was a cozy atmosphere by the two storytellers inside Magdalena Gisin and Katherine Baader additionally decorated fabulously. It was a beautiful evening to experience well worth it. Four data with cheerful and lively stories are planned for next year. The full "Käffeli room" speaks for itself, that people always want to listen in both young and older the exciting fairy tales.

Source Text: Fairy Foundation Mutabor.

Once upon a time, and even today since time immemorial are fabrication. You have not lost any of its charm. The fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is read throughout the world. A storyteller need not make up stories, because today we have access to the stories of all peoples and they can awaken with the ancient tradition of storytelling back to life.

A storyteller reads not - she says! The tale of women and storytellers Mutabor tale Foundation are graduates or faculty of education at the school for telling tales and fairy tale storytelling. The image of the fairy grandmother with thick book, the glasses and the wing chair, you may renew confidently. A storyteller reads not, she says. You need to either a book or a lamp. She tells alive and free in their dialect tales from her repertoire for children ages four and up to adults in old age.

Do you remember the magic of the old stories? The tale Mutabor Foundation can continue to live the magic. Mutabor is the magic word in the fairy tale of Caliph Stork and it means "I will be transformed." Knowing the wisdom of the old folk tale, the tale Foundation's goal is to promote the integration of the good fairy into daily life.

Once upon a time, in 2003, as decided by a group of storytellers at the school for fairy tales and storytelling, the founding Mutabor tale foundation and thus to provide a basis for the maintenance of the cultural narrative material. Storytellers? Yes, it's available today! Since its founding year, the Foundation has developed steadily Mutabor tale. She works with various charitable projects and is one of their goals. More about the individual projects can be found on the relevant pages. You too can help to support these projects.

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